Air fryer chicken breast the secret to making the juiciest most flavorful chicken breast with no breading in the air fryer is brining this is great for anyone following a hellip.

But old habits die hard and for certain recipes especially chicken breast and steak i like to preheat my air fryer it only takes about 2 ndash 3 minutes once you have preheated your air fryer add the chicken breast to the basket spray your chicken breast with a little oil it makes a difference and provides a juicier flavorful breast.

How to make air fryer bbq chicken breast the key with making chicken in the air fryer is getting the spices to stay on the chicken adding some cooking spray directly onto the chicken before adding the seasoning will do this stir together the garlic hellip.

Air fryer chicken thighs are a delicious and crispy meal thats quick and easy with the air fryer made with chicken thighs olive oil and the perfect blend of seasonings check out this recipe.

Air fryer parmesan crusted chicken is a satisfying and easy air fryer chicken recipe juicy chicken that is coated in parmesan mix and then air fried i am obsessed with my air fryer right now like my air fryer texas road house pickles.