From fried okra and bacon collard greens to black eyed peas with pork and of course cabbage the cooks of the south have cracked the vegetable code quick tips before you start there are a few things to keep in mind when making southern bacon fried cabbage first off stick with thick sliced bacon that has no added flavors like maple syrup.

How to make kimchi fried rice 1 on medium high heat preheat a pan wok and once heated add the cooking oil and spread it well with a spatula 2 add the garlic stir it fast for about 10 seconds then add the bacon and stir it well until half of it is cooked.

Now in a large bowl mix the ground sausage ground beef rice onion garlic egg parsley paprika salt and pepper together spread a thin layer of the simmering tomato sauce in a bottom of a casserole dish working with the cabbage rolls on a flat surface add about 1 3 cup of the meat mixture to the center of each cabbage leaf.