How to dry brine a turkey 1 mix the dry brine together mix the salt sugar pepper and herbs together in a small bowl 2 prep the turkey 3 sprinkle the turkey with the dry brine 4 hellip.

Dry brining takes the water out of the process a dry brine is where you rub a lot of salt and in this case a little sugar all over your meat youll still get a juicy turkey but by not soaking.

A good dry brine will also make for extra crispy turkey skin heres exactly why youll be glad you used a dry brine the use of salt in the seasoning mixture of a dry brine extracts the moisture from the turkey and the salt dissolves into those juices which then mingle with the flavors of your dry brine mixture the juices that were previously extracted soak back into the turkey.

A dry brine also called pre salting seasons the turkey like a more traditional wet brine but it does not use any water instead a dry brine involves rubbing the salt seasonings and or sugar directly onto the meat and skin and then letting the meat rest in the refrigerator for a hellip.

Dry brining also ensures that the turkey meat is penetrated with seasoning throughout here rsquo s what happens when you dry brine a bird the salt draws moisture out hellip.

A whole turkey needs two to three days of brining time the dry brining can be done days before thanksgiving giving you extra time on turkey day with a dry brine you just mix the salt and spices rub it into the meat cavity and skin and you rsquo re done cover it hellip.