Crepes are delicately thin pastries most often served for breakfast or dessert with sweet fillings like fresh fruit and whipped cream or nutella and sprinkles or on the savory side with bacon and eggs or ham and cheese.

French crepes are a national treasure found all over the country in sweet smelling creperies mdash establishments devoted to all things crepes mdash and made fresh at home for all sorts of occasions these thin and soft pancake like discs are the base for many sweet and savory treats like the world famous crepes suzette a simple mixture of butter sugar and grand marnier is hellip.

What is french dessert without crepes really now get the recipe from jo cooks courtesy of sift whisk 18 of 20 blueberry violet eclairs.

For each crepe lightly butter 7 or 8 inch skillet heat over medium heat until bubbly pour slightly less than 1 4 cup batter into skillet rotate skillet until batter covers bottom cook until light brown turn and cook other side until light brown stack crepes placing waxed paper between each keep crepes covered to prevent them from.

Polish nale niki nah lesh nee kee are crepe like pancakes that can be made thin as in this recipe or as a thick polish crepe they can be enjoyed with either sweet or savory fillings every eastern european country has its version of pancakes or crepes such as croatian pala inke serbian palacinke polish nale niki and hungarian palacsinta.

How to make cream cheese filling for crepes this recipe couldn rsquo t be easier it takes just 5 minutes and all that rsquo s required is mixing the ingredients together easy peasy beat ingredients together beat the cream cheese sugar and vanilla until smooth mix in whipped cream then mix in the whipped cream mix just until smooth.

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However here the crepes are a little different to the ones you rsquo ll find at other vendors in the area the star of the show here is the sushi crepe which retails for 380 yen this is the only branch of kurazushi that sells the sushi crepe so our roving reporter mdash and resident harajuku expert mdash mr sato popped by to give us his honest.

French crepes with apple pie filling books cooks looks apple pie filling baking powder salt vanilla milk powdered sugar and 4 more the ultimate caramel apple dessert pizza mess for less milk mini marshmallows chex pizza crust cinnamon caramels and hellip.

Sliding into the booth that was shown to him mr sato immediately navigated his way through to the desserts section of the menu on the touchscreen provided selecting the sushi crepe he also couldn rsquo t resist trying a marinated iberico pork rib crepe for an additional 380 yen and once he rsquo d placed his order a notification popped up on the screen asking him to make his hellip.